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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post

You know, I wonder if they intentionally held him back, in terms of how they portrayed his fighting abilities, in "The Avengers" due to the fact that he hadn't received any training regarding the modern day fighting styles and others that have developed since his time frozen away, hence why he's more of a better combative fighter in this film.

I think another good thing about this film is that they don't have to rush in getting Captain America to a certain spot by the end of the film like they did with TFA.

I'm very happy that they kept and even capitalized on Steve's innate goodness and didn't portray or turn him into his "Ultimate" counterpart from the comics after having entered into the modern world.
I don't think it was intentional. TFA had phenominal camera work and style. If there is one thing JJ and Whedon struggled with, it was making Cap's fighting style look unique. But, this project just had the right people come along at the right time, who had a vision. But, I too am glad that JJ, Whedon, and the Russos have made sure that if Cap meant and stood for one thing: it was hope. If there is a character that had excuses to quit, it is Cap. He is a man that stared death in the face himself, only to see death take everyone around him and find that the war he was bred for was over, and that the world may not have a place for him. Yet, he finds things to hope for and reasons to fight. His good nature keeps him finding new goals, but he stands for the same thing he always has: hope. So glad they retained this aspect of Cap, as opposed to that thing in the Ultimates called Captain America.

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