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Default Re: Loki spinoff - Yea or Nay?

I think yea, the problem is with Loki at the moment is that he's never had much of a chance to be a full -on antagonist/ villain, (except in Avengers, but even then the movie centred more around the group coming together more than him. Plus he was working for Thanos straight off the bat.) what I mean is hes never really had a chance to show just how powerful he really is. The movies can never be more about Loki than Thor in his own series, so a spin off with him at the heart of it would give a good chance to see that. The problem is making it work a) without Thor, or with him as a secondary character. And b) make it interesting enough and as someone else said, make it central to the happenings of MCU. They could easily fit a movie Loki centric between Thor and Avengers, or if in Thor 3 ragnorak happens, then one that takes place before Loki gives his life, which I doubt will happen in the MCU verse, or one after the events if he survives. They could show Loki's childhood, Loki taking down someone more villainous then himself, but for his own workings. Enchantress and Hela could be included. Him finding his daughter on earth etc. Theres plenty of possibilities they could go with it.

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