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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
Declining to use the name "Catwoman" would have been fine if it was inferred that "Catwoman" otherwise existed as a dual identity. Coupled with the (in my opinion, ghastly) decision to have the "cattish" elements of her costume be incidental, it led to the impression that Catwoman was not really an entity at all, but rather Selina Kyle in her work clothes.

That is not an entirely invalid approach, but it isn't one that interests me very much. I much prefer Catwoman to be a contrasting counterpoint to Batman; her thrill-seeking wish fulfillment vs his stoic dutifulness. For that to work, it is important that "Catwoman" exists as an empowering device for Selina.

I do, however, think I would have enjoyed Nolan's "Selina" more had she been played by a more compelling actress.
I agree with that last part but Anne Hathaway was good and she did her best I enjoyed her scenes I just think she should been given more to do like Blake.

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