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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - - Part 16

I could easily understand why people don't like Nat. I for, love her. I'm going to be honest though, one of the biggest reason I liked her was because she was a hot spy who kicked ass. And I know that's not the qualities you're suppose to look for in a character, but... well, I liked her.

As for her role in Avengers, she seemed to change from being a SHIELD Agent into an Avenger, and she gladly followed Steve into battle after the Helicarrier was attacked.

Now that Cap will be getting some more fans, can we expect him to NOT be verbally abused like he was in The Avengers?

If what I see is part of the same sequence, I really dislike how Steve's harley is being blew up...

"Not without you partner, the world needs Bucky too."
-Cap to Bucky
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