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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
It's an awesome idea for the movie. Best thing about it for me. It's Bruce becoming Batman in Begins. In Rises he has to become Bruce Wayne again. The last time he was happy was when he was a child, like anybody he had fear. He had become so numb to fear over the years. So as an adult, in order for him to return to that child he was, he needs to find a way to let that fear back in. And that's how he's able to move on from the fearless creature that is Batman.

Goyer said they treated the Batman like it was an addiction for Bruce, and it was time to win the battle over that addiction. Escaping the pit the way he did + what he does at the end of the movie is how he wins the battle. But Batman had become such a symbol in the process so he needed to find a way to continue living life free of Batman while still making sure that it lives on.

That's why it's a perfect ending in my opinion.

Very much agreed.

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