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Default Re: The IRON MAN Thread - Robert Downey Jr. Returning!

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
Hemsworth is a smart guy. I think he's been a little unlucky getting breaks in bigger films. Snow White was a modest hit, but he's had a number of flops which is sad. Rush was a great movie, and shows he does have some good acting chops, unfortunately it didn't get the audience recognition or the Oscar attention, it was originally thought to have done.

Being in these movies is really a good spotlight for him. He's a known entity and very well loved by the general audience. I think it will bode well for his career going forward.
Hemsworth is doing just fine, I dont think he's been unlucky at all, quite the opposite. He got work really quickly after moving to Hollywood, like 6 weeks or something. Cash, Star Trek, Cabin in the Woods, Red Dawn, IIRC, were all done/being filmed before he even got cast as Thor in 2009.

I'm pretty sure he signed on to Snow White before Thor came out also, so he was obviously hoping one of those franchises would take off.

Since then he's had Rush (which did fine vs it's budget, it was never meant to be a blockbuster) with Ron Howard. He just did Heart of the Sea, again with Howard, so you know something is working. He filmed Cyber with Michael Mann last year.

Spielberg wanted to work with him in Robopocalypse before it was postponed, and he has 3 more Marvel films which will all be big hits. There are many struggling actors who would kill for such quick and big breaks. He's flying right now.

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