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Default Re: The IRON MAN Thread - Robert Downey Jr. Returning!

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
RDJ released one album, ironically titled The Futurist. It's terrific. Anyone who likes his voice should give it a listen.

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Xeno, quit encouraging my dream of an Avengers musical!

RDJ, Renner, Evans, ScarJo can all sing. Ruffalo can dance. Hemsworth… I'm sure we can find something for him.

I want Avengers:AoU or A3 to be a musical. Joss did it with Buffy, he can totally do it with this crew!

"Joss Whedon, Shane Black, Edgar Wright, James Gunn [and Ryan Coogler]… For as much flack as people give Marvel that's a pretty freaking great group of filmmakers. Kind of feel spoiled."
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