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Default Re: Favourite Ra's al Ghul in the media

Originally Posted by ganon51 View Post
Coming back to this thread (and after rewatching a few TAS episodes) I strongly disagree. How could you forget "Over the Edge" where he gave Babs the darkest yet most epic dream sequence in the history of dream sequences?! Or "Never Fear", which now that I think about it was eerily similar to Batman Begins with the releasing fear/anti fear gas via runaway train scheme, except he was the one doing it instead of Ra's, which is even more awesome because he's not being controlled by someone else. And as for being "something of a joke", what about Nolan's scarecrow who got owned by Rachel and ran off crying like a baby?! One of Batman's greatest villains - owned by a woman with a taser?! BTAS never had a scene in which Scarecrow was owned so humiliatingly as that scene. And he was useless in TDKR
He was really good in Over the Edge. I do admit that.

However, there were also episodes like Lock-Up where he is turned into an ineffectual joke villain lumped in with the likes of Harley Quinn and The Ventriloquist and is scared to death of a prison guard.

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