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Default Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
Yeah. I'm hoping the early placement of Cap will help rather than hurt it, because usually the first superhero movie of the year ends up making a ton of bank. Then again, those end up opening in May, so…

May has Spidey, X-Men, and Godzilla. Godzilla's getting a ton of great buzz, so May is crazy crowded. I have no idea whether that will have any affect on those movie's legs.
Just by looking at some of these release dates I think X men is going to come out the worst. That is in a rough patch. Spidey is kind of in the middle there. I dont know by the time x-men rolls around people are going to be superheroed out. Cap has some time to make some bucks. But sheesh it looks like the others have a week or two and thats it.

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