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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

I think that we should all probably be prepared to see an AQUAMAN film that deviates quite a bit from the comic book norm myself. For one, I think that for the Atlanteans to be a credible threat to the surface world on a story level, and to ease the SFX budget by a considerable amount as well as lessen the headaches the director will have, we'll most likely have a story where all Atlanteans can survive in dry environments for extended periods the way Aquaman has traditionally been shown to do. Something more like sunken bubble cities where the Atlanteans live away from the open Ocean. Of course they still can live without aid of oxygen suits or masks in the water, but they live in a dry, or at least, dry-ish environment inside their domed cities. Aquaman could actually be, because of his heritage, the only one of them that can stay for long periods on land. It would add to the division he feels internally. Because now he actually could turn his back on his mother's people and live out a peaceful life on the surface if you did it this way. Before, you just assume that's not a choice for him. This adds a level of tension to his story I think.

I think it might also help if you just went whole hog on Aquaman's telepathy. Sure, he still has control over most simple ocean life, but also have him be able to communicate with any one's mind, and give him limited empathic and mind reading power. I'm not saying he should be Prof.X, but giving him the power of the mind even in a limited way could open up some interesting story avenues.

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