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Default Re: "Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?" - The Original Cast Thre

Originally Posted by RikePirado View Post
McAvoy and Fassbender were in their 30s in FC and they were playing characters in their late 20s.
Hoult and Lawrence were 20 in FC and their characters were still teenagers.
So it makes sense for them to play the same characters after a decade.

It's not the same thing with Kitsch, Gambit was like in his 20s in 1987, right? Then Gambit would be in his 50s in 2023. It's not a jump of one decade, it's jump of over three decades.
And the age difference between Gambit and Rogue would be around 30 years. That's just creepy, Angamb.
you hasnt understand my point at all, I see.

if you use numbers, the proportion comparition is pretty similar between FC actors and Taylor.

FC actors are just 3 years older. 3. but they are supposed to be 11 years older. thats a difference of 8 years.

- So.... 1 decade later = 8 years older.

Since Origins was filmed in 2008, Taylor is 6 years older right now, so using same formula, that would mean:

- 2 decades later = 16 years older.

And if next present day movie is filmed in 2 years, Taylor would be 8 years older, almost the triple of Fc actors age difference between movies. So that would mean....

- 3 decades later

It fits

So basically, my point is still the same.

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