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Originally Posted by Rockbottom View Post
I watched it the other day again. I do love the film but for some reason that ending just doesn't sit well with me. I get why they did everything and Bruce got his some what happy ending but I've always hated the idea of someone else being Batman. I don't think the ending is wrong, I think its just that my mental image of Batman never lets go or retires until he is forced to so I don't blame Nolan or think he messed it up, it just doesn't really gel with my version of Batman.

I think the films really underrated though by the fandom these days.
I understand that sentiment. In my mind Bruce will always be Batman, no matter how good Terry McGuiness or Grayson are in the role. But the fact of the matter is that Bruce isn't always Batman. It must continue after him. That's the whole implicit reasoning behind Robin as a character, that he is to be the eventual successor to Batman after Bruce is finished. That's why the passing of the torch works as an ending rather than as the entire story.

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