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Originally Posted by SheikhooMan View Post
Finally the truth about how Bruce got from the Lazarus pit to Gotham so fast has been revealed

This was said in another thread when they posted the same video, and it's exactly what ive been trying to say over the last year and a half...

Originally Posted by shallbecomeabat
Cannot believe that people still ***** about that.
Seriously, thats like saying you want to see how he does his vanishing act. He is Batman, it does not matter.

Also, is it so hard to believe that the guy who roamed the world without any money for 7 years would have a problem with sneaking aboard of some plane or ship and then ninja stealth himself back into Gotham? I mean, he is a ninja. He is Batman. Its not a plot hole.

Sometimes I really loose faith in the audience these days.
Just because Nolan has plenty of exposition, doesn't mean that every single thing in his movies need it. Nolan likes to balance exposition, with having scenes that also leave it entirely up to the imagination. It's not just black or white with him. And so the fans shouldn't expect it to be.

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