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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Batman shouldn't need some lighthearted child to keep him from becoming the punisher. He should be able to control himself. And training a child to fight crime has always been a stupid idea anyway. The main idea for Robin was to have a lighthearted sidekick that can lure more kids in to read their comics. As it progressed the reasons became about what you said Shika AND for Batman to train and prepare the person who would eventually replace him. Which of course has happened, but only temporarily. And we already know the reasons for that.
It's not about not having self control. It's about having that family dynamic there to keep him more humanized and psychologically happy/healthy. Bruce doesn't have much of an family (past Alfred), so he brings other people into his Batman life.

Your proposed theory makes no sense. Even if we were to ignore the fact that Bruce doesn't want any of his sons to end up like him by going the path of Batman, it still doesn't make any logical sense. Let's say Bruce retires at 60. It's a realistic age for people to retire at, especially with someone as obsessed with their "job" as Bruce. Usually there's about a 15-20 age gap between Bruce/Dick and a 5-10 age gap between Dick/Tim. What you're suggesting is that, after at least 40 years of being Batman, Bruce wants the 40-45 year old Dick Grayson to take over the mantle when he retires and be Batman for barely-if-not-even half the time he was Batman, followed by the 50-55 year old Tim Drake taking the mantle over after that and being Batman for a decade max - a fraction of the time Bruce and Dick were Batman. Yup. That makes perfect logical sense.

Plus, it's not like Bruce forced any of the Robins to become Robin. They're the ones who sought the training. They're the ones that wanted the job. Bruce just gave them what they were seeking. Once they grew up, they were free to do whatever they wanted. They were their own men. They could go be Nightwing, move to a different city, quit crimefighting altogether, etc. It's why Bruce didn't want Dick to take over the Batman mantle in Knightfall. "He is his own man." They don't live in the shadow of Batman any longer (even though they do in real life ).

The only Robin you could argue Bruce "forced" to be Robin was Jason (with the hopes of reforming him into a better person). Ironically, he is also the Robin who died and later became the least worthy son to carry Batman's legacy.

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