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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
Yes, I and several ladies noticed that. I didn't think they were involved in a relationship. He vanished too easily to make me think that.

I hope no one starts a thread on this because there are probably like 100 threads already about this in various Superman sub-forums all over the Hype. You do bring up a good point though about Kryptonian's...uh...sexual urges. The look Faora gave Superman when they first met made me believe Kryptonians do have some appreciation for a handsome I can't believe they don't have any sort of drive. Yet, 33 years is a long time to not have any action, so maybe the answer is Kryptonians were modified when they were born to be sterile and Kal's birth isn't just attributed to getting it on naturally...maybe Jor used a little bit of science to help things along.

Also, I don't buy the woman of tissue thing... If Clark can normally interact with the world then he obviously has found a way to coexist "naturally". Plus, since he wasn't breaking toilets at the Kent farm on a regular then I think he's alright in the "other" department.

I don't get those who say he's wooden either. I thought he gave an understated performance that conveyed a lot. I watched MOS again. Unfortunately I've watched it so much I scratched the regular Blu-ray. Now I have to unwrap the other copy I Though I agree with the bolded 100%. Excellent points!
Yeah some people just want joke-maker and smiling all the time type. which of course it is nonsense according to the story of the movie.
Cavill did a great Superman that wasn't even stablished and was finding his place in the world with his presence and he was more Kal-El in this. He just need to put DP Clark to see his potential and to see his full character.


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