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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I hope if anything, that we get to see Sharon at least appear as a guest on "Agents of SHIELD", should they have a season 2.

I feel like it would be our "only way" at the moment to see more of her character for the remainder of Phase 2 since I doubt that we'll see her on film again until the third Captain America film.
I'd actually love that. I'd have no problem if she didn't appear in any movie after Cap2 if she got to be a recurring character in the TV side of things.

She could actually appear in one of the remaining episodes of the current season, Maria, too. It could be the start of her being seen as more than Steve's squeeze. I've always thought she had that potential.

She could even show up on Peggy's show, if it happens and if it features modern day segments.

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