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Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
Not even going to lie. My interest in the Winter Solider is based mainly on Emily VanCamp. I hope and pray she gets to do more within the universe because I think she's a superstar waiting to explode. Dead serious. She's the goods.

If she's basically a glorified cameo in this film but with the hints that she'll have a larger role in Captain America 3 and maybe other films (cough Avengers 3 please cough), I'll be more than happy with her small role in this.
I believe that they're just setting her up for Cap 3, because I don't see a reason they'd include her in TWS since her role isn't integral to the story or anything. But it makes sense to introduce her in this movie then expand her role for the following sequel.

I can see her doing guest-stars in AoS as well; in fact, she'd be perfect on that show.

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