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Default Re: What was the last TERRIBLE movie(s) you saw? - Part 1

Originally Posted by CJ View Post
I didn't care for Dredd either. Just pointless savagery in a very ugly backdrop for 90 minutes. Depressing really.
Good description, sir! That comment should be on the cover of the movie.

"Pointless savagery in a very ugly backdrop for 90 minutes" - CJ (SHH Forum)

"I wash myself with a rag on a stick!" - New York Times

I think the filmmakers tried too hard to distance themselves from the 1995 movie. While watching it, I could almost hear them scream:

"Look at this, guys! People are skinned alive, eyes ripped out...blowjobs! This is not the Stallone movie, this is hardcore! Look at all the sex and blood!"

I was also depressed by it... But maybe the sequel will be better.

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