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Default Re: What was the last TERRIBLE movie(s) you saw? - Part 1

I don't see how Urban was wooden? Considering you only see his mouth for the whole film, I think he conveyed the character of Dredd brilliantly through his facial expressions, body language and different tones of his voice. The slow-mo scenes were creative and unique... the best since The Matrix. I also agree that the use of telepathy is better than any of the X-Men films. Maybe better than any film, ever. The film just executes what it aims to do pretty much perfectly. It's a stripped down ultra violent action film driven by the characters. It has a real "just a day in the life" feel. Like an episode of COPS but set in the future. My only criticism of the film is the CGI blood. Old school Verhoeven style blood squibs would have been much more visceral.

But anyway last terrible film i watched... Green Lantern. I've been bad mouthing it on here recently so decided to check it out again today to see if it's got any better for me. Nope... still one of the worst superhero films ever made. So unimaginative and dull, which considering the GL mythos, is unforgivable. WB's decision to hire Martin Campbell to direct is just... bizarre.

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