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Default Re: "I am Doom...What Gods Dare Stand Against Me"---The official Dr. Doom Thread

My ideal structure for the plots of a Fantastic Four trilogy:

First film: Set up the cast and their powers. I'd honestly be interested in seeing a film where the movie starts after they've gotten their powers, and the incident where they acquired them is either shown in flashback or merely discussed in dialogue. The team, now super science freaks of nature, has to figure out what their place in the world is and what they're going to do with their altered states of being. The main villain is the Mole Man, and I'd like to see a film version of the Mole Man cast him in a more creepy and mystical light. Keep him this mysterious and weird pulpy kind of threat that the Fantastic Four have to deal with. Also, have their involvement with him start as scientific curiosity about strange phenomena happening around the world involving sink holes and attacks on ships and weird monster sightings, and have it turn into a weird adventure. Dr. Doom should be a minor presence in the film.

Second film: The FF is established as beloved celebrities, like the Thunderbirds led by Carl Sagan. Doom is the main antagonist. He is the ceremonial monarch of the Republic of Latveria who secretly has the entire government under his control through a network of spies and intimidation. Also Reed's former friend from college who holds a bitter grudge against him due to the infamous lad accident which Doom blames on Reed, while also secretly, deep down resenting Reed for being the beloved hero/scientist/savior that Doom aspires to be. Doom seeks to use the four's powers and Reed's intellect for some nefarious scheme involving either the betterment of Latveria or some kind of political power grab (or both).

Third film: Galactus in all of his glory. Doom shows up to work with Reed and the Four to halt Galactus' threat, making for an uneasy alliance. Lots of snarky bantering and back stabbing ensues.

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