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To any brave soul bold enough to read this, have fun.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Act 1
We begin with a chase scene. Batman is chasing down a highly acrobatic and highly-panicked cat burglar. He's introduced as a terrifying shadow, and we are given a fugitive's eye view of him as he repeatedly turns up in a flanking position on the thief. Since at this point he's just an inhuman force of nature, our attention and sympathy should be with the thief, who manages to very cleverly allude him right up until being cornered in an alley. Our thief, still frightened out of her mind, backs into a corner only for Batman to wearily and tiredly approach her to put her in Batcuffs. Now that he's up close, she actually acts surprised and quickly goes from looking like a scaredy-cat to an incredulous and gabby, and ever so slightly flirty, femme fatale. Batman, now very clearly human, underestimates her and winds up getting sucker-punched by her after she picks her way out of his handcuffs, staggering him just enough that she can escape minus her goods. He takes off after her, passing a sign for Haley's Cirque...

Midway through his pursuit, we hear a police channel voice come on over Batman's intercom. He continues his pursuit, obviously determined to catch her, until he hears "Shots fired! Officer down!" at which point he angrily leaves the chase to head for the crime in progress. He arrives at a hostage situation, where a small group of environmental extremists, led by a red headed woman, are attempting to force a fortune 500 CEO to confess to ignoring EPA regulations so that they can pass sentence on him for his "crimes against nature." Batman quickly and brutally takes out the majority of the group, only to be temporarily halted when the red head takes a TV crew hostage after distracting him with an explosive. Silhouetted against the flames, Bats stares impassively while the red head shouts that she's just following his example and taking the law into her own hands, but uses the timely distraction of a cop to hit her with a bata-rang.

An obviously irritated and tired Bats returns to the Batcave, slowly removing his armor to show just how badly beaten up he is and get us a chance to know him as a mortal human. Alfred arrives and activates the Batcomputer's TV monitors, which show both multiple crimes and tragedies that Bruce Wayne failed to stop and an interview by Vicky Vale with Professor Hugo Strange (our big bad). Here Strange and Vale discuss his theory that Batman is acting as a kind of monster maker, drawing various criminals and monsters to Gotham, citing the rise in costumed crimes by mentally unstable individuals, noting that the red head, Pamela Isely, prefers to go by her "real name" Poison Ivy and shows strong anti-social tendencies that he believes were exacerbated by Batman's fame. Alfred and Bruce discuss this idea as well, with neither agreeing with it but both admitting there are some relevant points being made.

Meanwhile, we enter Gotham Penitentiary, where “Poison Ivy” is seducing a guard so she can slam his head against the bars, take his keys, and try and make an escape, dismissing him as “stupid man.” Her escape is interrupted when she runs into Strange’s TIGER guards, who subdue her and bring her before Strange in the prison’s garden. Strange discusses a rare flower with her, highlighting its uniquely toxic properties and carnivorous capabilities. She corrects him on some of the facts he spouts, with him acknowledging her past career as a botanical scientist who had the unique ability to handle poisonous plants due to an unusual immunity to most toxins and poisons. Strange then reveals that he has been handling the plant with extreme care since it’s actually Ivy’s and he knows she’s been experimenting on it. She acknowledges she’s been trying to use the plant’s spores to make a very specific but powerful toxin that would only be activated upon the plant’s flowering. Strange briefly alludes to the power he believes the Batman has over individuals like Ivy and how he believes that his attempts to either replace him or destroy him will require certain weapons at his hand. He asks her how she’s been changing the plant’s chemistry and she reluctantly reveals how she’s been subjecting it to incrementally harder environments. Strange then has her forcibly injected with a chemical cocktail to enter her in a near death-state and follows it up with an injection of a combination of her plant and one of his formulas; he’s going to use her as an incubator for the toxin thanks to her immune system.

Two weeks later, Bruce, who is truly acting like an obsessive insomniac at this point, is pestered by Alfred that he has slept through the last whole week and how he's had little outside contact with anyone who wasn't a criminal and needs to get out more. Alfred convinces a prickly Bruce to go out to the Mayor's gala at Ice Berg Lounge and enjoy the Flying Grayson's performance as part of the touring acrobatic show Haley's Cirque. Bruce only agrees to go because the mayor will be discussing important topics with Prof. Strange and because it will give him more time to scope out the Lounge. Alfred insists he take a date, with Bruce sarcastically pointing to Vicky Vale in an attempt to avoid it.

Cut to Ice Berg Lounge, where Bruce is escorting Vicky Vale, who comments how persuasive his butler was. The gala features a few sequences where Bruce actually finds Vicky interesting and engaging and where he uses his reputation as a drunken playboy to insult the slimy owner of the Lounge, calling him Ozzy. The fuming Cobblepot is distracted by his own arm-candy, a Miss Selina Kyle, and any potential fracas is broken up after Vale leads Bruce away, warning him not to antagonize "the Penguin." At the mayor's table, Bruce continues to act drunk but manages to ask some very interrogative questions to Strange, who reveals he's planning a truly massive restructuring of the Gotham incarceration system, moving inmates from Arkham Asylum and Gotham Federal Penitentiary to a central location inside Gotham where he will use "revolutionary" new treatment techniques. Strange again expounds on his theory that Batman has a god like power to create these powerful criminals by his mere presence, expositing wonder at how the Bat could bring out his opposite number in the Clown, disconcerting Bruce for mysterious reasons.

As the night winds down, everyone enters the theatre section, where they all sit at the VIP section, with Bruce maneuvering to sit between Vale and Kyle to both play up his playboy image and investigate Selina's purse-Cobblepott has been having trouble finding things all night, and Bruce surreptitiously finds that Selina's been picking his pockets. While Haley's Cirque begins, Bruce continues to annoy Vale by playing drunk and has some fun flustering her with his charm and stealing back anything that Kyle picks from him. He's obviously having fun, and his attention is taken away only briefly to watch a truly impressive performance by young Richard Grayson, and when he goes back to playing "who's the better thief" with Kyle, he is initially distracted from the horrible deaths of the elder Graysons, but a quick glance by him shows that the cords of their trapeze have been cut. While the rest of the crowd leaves, he stays and stares down at the now orphaned Dick.

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