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Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Act 2
In the Limousine after dropping Vale off at the news station, Bruce voices his desire to return to the scene as Batman and solve the crime to help Dick, but is discouraged by Alfred, who suggests he simply ask Gordon for information on the crime and try and see to it the boy has a secure future. A brief scene shows Batman ninjaing into Gordon's office to demand the report and getting out. Bruce also reviews a taped recording of the performance, getting frustrated because he notices clues that would suggest the lines have been tampered with, though Alfred notices they are very subtle and could easily be misconstrued into something else and they only really show the truth in hindsight.

Bruce shows some grave concern after looking through the evidence, as both he and Gordon have picked out two very dangerous suspects for the sabotage: the Penguin, for reasons unknown but having full access to the stage and control over the hired theater personnel, and Tony Zucco, mob boss who was snubbed by the Cirque when he requested a private performance for his daughter's birthday and with a history of previous sabotage. Since neither is known for being particularly sloppy, young Grayson's very calm and observant recounting of the night's event is the biggest clues that the sabotage is deliberate, so Bruce decides to have Alfred enquire child services for the boy’s state, since there’s a real chance that a corrupt cop may try and make fast money by leaking how important the kid is.

Grayson has escaped the children’s home, and is crying on top of the police station, where he overhears Detective Bullock and Montoya discussing Zucco and Penguin. We see him racing across Gotham’s rooftops towards Zucco’s address (he used his iPhone) when he is overtaken by Batman right outside Zucco’s hideout. The kid isn’t scared of Bats, but ends up subdued anyway. Batman places a tracker and then takes the kid back to child services, only to find small time thugs in the process of attacking the place. Batman, obviously pissed, sticks Dick in the Batmobile and tells it to go to “Location #3,” and proceeds to decimate the hired thugs with even more fire than before. He’s so focused on beating one particular thug, that he doesn’t realize that the cops have arrived to arrest him until they ignore his opponents and he hears they have direct orders from the mayor to take him down.

Meanwhile, Location #3 turns out to be the medical clinic of Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She actually comes out to collect Dick himself and the Batmobile takes off for Batman himself. She has him sit down in her waiting room, where he soon finds himself scoping out several newspaper clippings from her past on the wall, and also finds the clientele of the place to be varied, especially when Selina Kyle enters supporting her young friend Holly. While sitting in the waiting room, Kyle recognizes Dick and asks him how he knows Dr. Thompkins. Thinking quickly, Dick says his parents knew her. Kyle seems pleased by this, saying Thompkins must have met them while working for Doctors Without Borders, and even mentions how she first met her after she set up shop in Gotham. Their discussion ends up including how the clinic’s biggest patron is Bruce Wayne, with Kyle even revealing that Thompkins knew his parents and comforted him the night they died, pointing out an article where Bruce actually explains that himself alongside a small picture of him the night of the murder.

Interspersed with this scene we witness Batman escaping a siege by Gotham’s SWAT teams while waiting for his car, with him hearing an argument in the chain of command between the commanding Bullock and a group of TIGER guards attached to the group, and finding the TIGER guards to be a bit tougher than normal, pulling out some of his heavier gadgets to deal with them. After one particularly tough tussle, he takes a blood sample to see why the guard is so powerful. His Batmobile shows up, and an angry, tired, and edgy Dark Knight enters it, picks up Dick, and takes him to the Batcave. He tells Dick to stay there and contacts Gordon to let him know that he’s securing the only real witness to the Graysons’ deaths.

Batman analyzes the tissue sample, and when pestered by Dick, reveals it’s a specially designed neurological drug that increases the body’s base strength and resistance to Bane at the cost of a degraded neural system. He also reviews Dick’s testimony from that night, even asking him to repeat everything he remembers in detail. Dick does so, highlighting a suspicious looking stage hand and earning Bruce’s appreciation for his intelligence and bravery. Batman tells him to stay put, as there is just enough time before daylight for him to make one final interview.

We next have a scene where Batman infiltrates Gotham FP and interrogates one of the crooks he was assaulting, an event we see is witnessed by Strange through a hidden camera. Meanwhile, Dick is shown using his skills to make it to the hidden passageway to Wayne Manor, discovering who Batman is and meeting Alfred. The crook being interrogated dies suddenly from what seems to be a stroke. Batman makes his way home leading to three events: Dick and he talk and he decides to train the 14 year old how to fight crime, Strange uses the security breach to have the city council approve his plans for a central prison center called Blackgate, and Strange also visits the semi-lucid Poison Ivy to extract more of her deadly pollen, revealing her plant and her are intermingled and she is in great pain.

The next scene is one part training montage for Robin, one part detective montage as Bruce continues to track down leads and suspects continue to die, a reveal that Zucco is in hiding, and a continually pained Poison Ivy, who is further experimented on by Strange’s assistant, a the construction of Blackgate, which resembles a prison less and more of a fortress.

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