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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by fixxxer View Post
Not exactly. Again, this is complete speculation...

When I said the scepter might be powered by the Mind Stone, I don't mean it needs to be in direct contact or in proximity to the Mind Stone. I'm assuming Infinity Stone technology to be slightly more advanced than our smart-phones. What I'm suggesting is that the Mind Stone is what gave the scepter it's mind-altering properties when the latter was constructed (possibly by Thanos). Like a one time "power up" kind of deal. Not dissimilar to how the WW2 HYDRA weapons were "powered" by the Tesseract.

So, Fury might have based his "powered by the Tesseract" comment on the fact that the energy signature was the same. However, the hypothetical Mind Stone, like the Tesseract is an Infinity Stone and thus might have similar properties.

This solves a couple of problems:
1. Since the scepter is not the Mind Stone itself, Thanos would have no problem giving it to Loki.
2. I believe Feige confirmed the Tesseract to be the Space Stone. It would make more sense for the scepter to get its mind-altering properties from the Mind Stone rather than the Space Stone.

Then again, it would be slightly simpler from a storytelling perspective to just go the "yes, the scepter is (and/or contains) the Mind Stone and Thanos knows he can retrieve it whenever he chooses" route.
That could work in terms of the Sceptre being powered by a Mind Gem (that we still haven't officially seen anywhere). My only question then would be why make such a big deal out of an artifact that's essentially a one-off? I mean, what's more important: to possess the Mind Stone itself, or to possess an arguably diluted knockoff? Seems like the plan is to make the Sceptre be an honest to god "ARTIFACT" (capital letters), since Joss is re-using it. Doesn't mean it *has* to be Infinity Stone-powered, but it's looking increasingly more likely.

Originally Posted by Huddsy View Post
So we can officially lay *that* theory to rest.
At least he says that Inhumans are still on the drawing board for a movie of their own at some point; but it's clearly not going to involve the Maximoffs.


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