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Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Secret Avengers isn't a bad title, but it's hard to see how a group that includes War Machine and The Falcon rocketing through the skies could do anything in secret. It's too bad that Marvel has used The Defenders as the name for what should rightly be Heroes For Hire. Though the title of Natasha's longtime team The Champions could be used instead.
Or Hulk for that matter. Only exception would be Bruce. Maybe he doesn't have secret agent training like BW, but he's been on the run for years and as such probably knows how to cover his tracks, forge IDs, etc etc.

He'd be their go to guy for "oh nothing suspicious here, I'm just a blue collar middle class citizen who wandered in the wrong direction, no need to call security" operations, but then when security does show up, Hulk would make one hell of a distraction while the others do the precision work.

As for War Machine and Falcon... I could see Falcon being relatively silent. Like a stealth drone. Maybe his rocket pack doesn't make that much noise (at least in comparison to War Machine's repulsors) and if they do, then he could do recon by silently gliding over the enemy. Night ops would be a must though. I got nothing for War Machine though. They could have Rhodey out of the suit most of the time, mainly relying on his training (as we saw in IM3) until the heavy ordinance is needed.

BW and Hawkeye as big players is a must though. Especially since we probably won't get a 'Budapest' movie any time soon.

Sorry for the sudden team dynamic conjecture, but I actually really dig this idea, and now I'm trying to invision how such a movie could play out. I think that if the primary Avengers are the roster/franchise that deals with intergalactic or genocidal murderbot threats, then this roster would be the special ops equivalent that deals with big criminal mastermind threats.

All in all, I agree, Champions could work as the title, but I think Secret Avengers also could, just by a stretch.

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