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Default Re: Sif to guest star on agents of shield

Originally Posted by one4smoke View Post
Which brings me to something I've been wondering: Why is it an Asgardian can't be hurt by most anything (fire, gunfire, Kurse's powerful blows, etc...) but yet can be stabbed to death, as in Frigga?
I would say that the average Asgardian can't even survive a Kurse attack, let alone remain unhurt by it. Even Thor was hurt by Kurse and he's well above the average Asgardian.

As for being stabbed, the power that the Asgardians, Kurse, etc show would mean that they can generate much more force than a bullet impacts with. If we talk about stabbing you also get a smaller area of impact than a bullet. The Asgardians likely use far stronger metals in their weapons as well, even the non-Uru ones, so that the edges can actually handle the force they put upon them.

That being said, don't question the physics of superheroes from the point of view of physics in reality. It doesn't work at all. If this was made more realistic the first thing to introduce is that when Kurse, Thor, Superman, etc hit someone hard it wouldn't only send the opponent flying away, the puncher would generally fly away in the opposite direction from the force of the impact as well.

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