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Default Re: Mandarin Maybe Reintroduced in Iron Man 4

Originally Posted by fixxxer View Post
I understand the sentiment (while disagreeing with it), but why "stuck" though? If anything this expanded the universe, and opened up many interesting possibilities for the future.
The problem for me is there the was "fake Mandarin" played by Trevor, then we had Killian announce that he was the Mandarin. Now we have a "real Mandarin" that neither Killian or Trevor knew of. To me it just makes me wish they would of skipped the first two fake versions and just used the "real" one that's yet to of been seen.

Imagine if in The Dark Knight if it was revealed Heath wasn't Joker but just a goofy guy in disguise, but Lau was manipulating the idea of the Joker to terrorize the city. Only for after the movie ends there ends up being a "real Joker" out there upset my the use of his name.

My point is why not just do it right the first time instead of dragging this out far longer then it needed to be?

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