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Default Re: Cap 3 has a release date

Originally Posted by Longshot777 View Post
The only way this movie can compete with the Superman/Batman movie with Wonder Woman on same date is if they put other Avengers like the Hulk or Ironman with Captain America.
I think another way you compete with MOS2: BvS ft WW is simple. Give it one of these titles to end the trilogy:

The Death of Captain America

Captain America: Fallen Son


Captain America: Liberty Falls

You just make the movie the death of cap or supposed death and it will sell itself.

If you really wanted to stick it to WB/DC this would be huge.

You just say you're releasing Cap 3 on that Date then give it the title:

Captain America: Civil War

You make it with more than Cap and make it more Avengers 2.5.

That would be amazing!

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