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Default Re: A live-action Spider-Man TV series

I'd love, LOVE a Spidey TV series, like X-Men, I think the drama unfolds much better as a series, where high school shenanigans and other melodrama not only belongs, but where you can focus on it properly instead of finding ways to distill into thirty minutes of dialogue.

"Peter Parker: Spider-Man"

My Pitch:

Buffy meets Adventures of Lois and Clark meets Amazing Spider-Man, with heavy inspiration from Spectacular Spider-Man (cartoon) and Ultimate Spider-Man (the comics), but also inspiration from other similar premises, like Invincible (Image Comics) and Smallville (tv show).

This show would focus squarely on Peter Parker, as a person. This would include his family life, his life with his friends, and his incredible adventures as Spider-Man. It tracks him as he journeys from a relatively normal gifted and misunderstood student into a peerless hero. This focus on his personal life will always be the crux of the show, no matter who comes and goes, Peter's personal life is the star.

The SFX Solution:

Everything would be done practically. The key would be a top notch stunt and fight team, with experience and innovation and skill in rigging and wirework that can allow Spider-Man to leap and dodge in superhuman ways. This will be made much easier as in costume, an experienced stuntman can be Spider-Man. This includes practical webbing solutions (though camera tricks would be what make it appear to come from his wrists), prosthetics for all the villains, and even things like puppeteered Doc Ock tentacles. Some villains that absolutely demand CGI to be done any justice, such as Sandman would have dramatically toned down powers, while other villains who demand great CGI to be done any justice, like Hydroman, simply wouldn't appear.

The Cast

Mostly young and attractive, as always. Everyone from comics would appear as a guest or recurring character, but the main characters would be:

Peter Parker
Gwen Stacy
Harry Osborn
Hobie Brown
Flash Thompson
Aunt May
Norman Osborn
J. Jonah Jameson
George Stacy

The First Season/Show Identity:

The first season would, like the Ultimate Comics, decompress his origin. Uncle Ben would survive at least four episodes, as we delve into Parker's personal life and all his mistakes as he deals with his life before the Spider-bite, being sick, begins an amateur wrestling career, and at first passes on the idea of being a hero, then you have Uncle Ben dying, the whole thing with that, and his lessons of responsibility that Peter has been ignoring sink in. He begins to try and be a hero, and he really really sucks at it. He doesn't understand his powers, he doesn't understand crime, or criminals, the only reason he's alive is he starts to understand his Spider-sense, but even then, it's never quite clear to him what to do when his Spider sense goes off. All this gets to be explored. Some of them would be pre-power versions of later foes (Spectacular Spidey style) some episodes wouldn't have a villain, but a problem caused by some supporting cast member, or by Parker himself. Sometimes there'd be a Daily Bugle assignment that went into strange territory. By the time we see the Season 1 mid-season finale, we see him take on The Vulture, and finally get a solid victory, but mostly by luck. This paves the way for Osborn to take Toomes' flight tech though.

The rest of the season continues as he learns to deal with criminals and the Green Lantern and we see just a few lower level supervillains, like Tombstone, Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter and the Enforcers as the Green Goblin is built up. Norman Osborn creates the perfect being and it is him. This, as you can imagine, leads to a dramatic conflict. By the end of the Season, Norman is forced to take a vacation to recover from a severe Spidey-sized beatdown, while Peter and Gwen have cut each other off. The season ends with someone (off screen) at the door saying 'Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot.'

Season 2 and Onwards

Season 2 Picks up the Pace and now instead of Toomes vs Osborn, it's Green Goblin working with Doc Ock, with Spider-Man caught in the middle. This also introduces Mary Jane, the girl at the door, and she is very attractive, and she likes Peter, so then there's this triangle between MJ and Gwen with Peter in the middle. Those two conflicts, and how they mirror form the heart of season 2, as Doc Ock, like in Spectacular Spider-Man slowly builds an squadron of super powered fiends, that Spider-Man keeps having to contend with.

From there adapting the following stories:
Season 3: Sinister Six/Death of Gwen Stacy
Season 4: Symbiote Saga/Maximum Carnage
Season 5: Clone Saga/Spider-Man No More
Season 6: Avenging Spider-Man
Season 7: Superior Spider-Man/One More/Brand New Day
Season 8: Spider-Island/Invasion of the Spider-Slayers
Season 9: Shattered Dimensions/Spider-Man 2099
Season 10: Miles Morales

X-Men TV Show Ideas
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