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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

The New Batman Adventures Episode: Sins of the Father

  • This and "Chemistry" are the only episodes of The New Batman Adventures to feature all four members of the Bat-team (not including Alfred) in the same place at the same time, though Nightwing appears out of costume on both occasions.
  • Two-Face's appearance actually has a double meaning for the new Robin's debut, as the story with him and Tim's father is a connection to Robin's unnamed half, Jason Todd; also, his fight with Robin after Tim was convinced that Batman would need him and came in the Robin suit is similar to Tim Drake's comic debut.
  • The Robin suit display is a clear reference to Jason Todd's memorial in mainstream comics, though Jason doesn't wear the suit himself until the DC Universe Animated Original Movie "Batman: Under the Red Hood" where the suit is put up in the memorial as it is here.
  • When Batgirl unfolds the paper we can clearly see that there is only one imprint of the key; however, having been folded up within the paper, it should be imprinted in two places, not one.
  • When Batgirl is trying to turn off the countdown, it shows us at 10 seconds left, and then again at 5 seconds, and it is five seconds in between them, but if you continue counting down, she would have pulled out the wires at 0 seconds, not 2 as indicated on the machine.

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