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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by Young Superman View Post
Why do so many people hate the New 52 Superman suit?
Without the red undies, the suit is just visually boring. The red undies and yellow belt broke up all that monochromatic blue. With Batman, getting rid of the undies worked for several reasons. Visually, Batman's costume has a lot more going on (a more stylized cape, a more stylized belt, the gauntlets, the mask, the armored design, the fear element, etc) to where the monochromatic grey works. Also, unlike Superman, the undies just looked silly on Batman.

Also, I'm personally not a fan of the Kryptonian armor concept. It's something that works in a movie like Man of Steel, but in the comics, I prefer the simple story of Ma Kent making her son a costume made out of the blankets that he arrived in.

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