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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
No one is complaining about there being humor in the movie. They're complaining about the amount of humor, the type of humor, and where it was placed. There was too much of it, a lot of it just wasn't funny, and it was placed in areas that should have been taken more seriously and thus killed any kind of tension or threat. I really liked the humor in the first movie and thought that it balanced out well with the darker material. TDW didn't mesh nearly as well. Also, all of those fantasy elements that you mentioned CAN be done seriously. There doesn't need to be a ton of humor. LOTR didn't have a joke every two minutes, neither did Harry Potter, neither did JMS's Thor run for that matter, or Jason Aaron's current run. So it can be done.
I feel the complaints about the amount of humor in this movie are severely overblown. (Iron Man 3 for instance had far more comedy than this film.) There were far more serious moments in this film than in the first one. And I would hardly say there was a joke every two minutes. That's exaggerating. The ending admittedly has a bit more comedy but it felt consistent to me with the fact most of the comedy was Earth based. Asgard and the other realms had far less levity.

The comedy worked for me because on Earth a space viking and his flying hammer is out of place. You take that too seriously and it becomes pretentious. As far as the diminished tension, after the bore-fest of Man of Steel and all its disaster porn I almost felt Marvel made a conscious choice to keep it fun this go around. I'm sorry you did not enjoy the humor but I found the jokes very funny and so did a lot of other people. It's interesting to me that a lot of critics did not enjoy the movie until the final act which they felt saved it. Along with general audiences they also enjoyed Earth more than Asgard. It seems comic fans feel the opposite. Personally I would love more of the Nine Realms and the Warriors Three but I don't begrudge this film for doing its thing.

Also I feel you kind of miss my point about the examples I gave - they are examples of not just fantasy but fantasy and sci-fi mixed together. I don't think I've ever seen that done before in a film. Thor should not be LOTR because LOTR takes place not on Earth but in Middle Earth. (And honestly PJ's totally lost it with the latest Hobbit installments IMO.) And Harry Potter doesn't travel on space ships to other planets. Can you think of any other examples to which to compare this to?

We're probably coming from two different perspectives here. My favorite Thor is not JMS but Lee/Kirby with Walt Simonson a very close second. I'm a huge fan of the Silver Age and a lot of that stuff was pretty wacky. Thor vs. Hercules cracks me up. I liked JMS's brooding Thor because it was different and well done but it's not vintage Thor to me. It's just another spin. I've heard good things about Jason Aaron's run but I've yet to read it because people raved about his Wolverine run and that did absolutely nothing for me.

I look at this as just one chapter in Thor's story. I will agree with you that a change in writing direction can be a good thing. From what I hear, for Thor 3 Marvel has hired a really good writing team in Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. Don Payne who worked on the previous two films is no longer with us (RIP) and some of his other writing credits were nothing to brag about (the FF films). I would've liked to have seen Alan Taylor have another go with more creative freedom but for some reason, I also doubt that he will be back. So my thinking is that Thor 3 will be a bit different. If they do switch directors a third time, I just hope they keep all of the visual contributions from Taylor - in that respect alone he improved on the first film significantly.

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