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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

Originally Posted by kalelvis View Post
First of all, I loved the movie the way it was. But one small change that would have made a huge difference in the ending battle was if Zod would have made the comment "If you love these humans so much, I will make you mourn for them" would have included the words "Starting with her" as he charges towards Lois.

I believe even with all the same destruction, if the scene had began with that difference and everything else in the final battle was exactly the same, far less people would have complained about the destruction or Zod being killed.
I think that him trying to kill Lois would have made the ending much better. I liked the ending because it was unexpected, it took me by surprise, it was exciting, etc. but Zod charging after Lois and Superman killing him would have made the ending much more dramatic. I think that was a missed opportunity. There is a difference between Zod trying to kill a misc. random family or trying to kill Lois. I am not sure why they didn't go with that. Maybe trying to illustrate that he chose the protection of the humans rather than just the protection of his love interest.

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