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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
When I think about it now, I remember on how most of the biggest praise for this film (that I recall at least) where primarily centered on Loki and the visuals.

I think the last time that i remember Thor being in the spotlight and center of attention from reviews was back in his first film, but Loki has been allowed to seemingly overshadow him within their last two appearances, which is rather sad when I think about it. I truly believe that Thor, as a character, has a lot to offer and show on screen that would be just as interesting as anything we've gotten with Tom's Loki.

Also, I feel like Marvel somewhat held back on fully exploring the notion that Odin and his father before him weren't the so noble kings that people had portrayed them to be as they have their own list of unethical things that they've done in order to secure and maintain Asgard's safety and status.

I think it would have really made for some compelling storytelling if they had gone deeper into that.

I really hope that Marvel Studios finds someone who has a CLEAR vision of what needs to be down for Thor, not Loki, but Thor as a character.

I'm hopeful that Marvel studios is taking their time with this third installment, due to the fact that we have a third Captain America film coming out before this one.

And more importantly, hope the next Thor film actually centers around him.
Is it confirmed that CA3 is coming before Thor 3? I am going to be really dissapointed if that's true.

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