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Default Re: Mandarin Maybe Reintroduced in Iron Man 4

I'd rather see Daoming Chen or Ken watanabe as Mandarin. Preferably the latter.

That and he'd be in charge of a company called Prometheus who'd be a rival to Tony Stark. He'd hire two villains to break into Stark Industries (Ghost and Zeke Stane). Naturally, they have another agenda, which is to completely bankrupt Stark and leak his armor designs to the world.

Mandarin would mostly be a background villain who'd be in charge of the Ten Rings behind the scenes, Zeke Stane would be bad guy with the most screen time as he plans to avenge his father. Oh, and he not only succeeds in triggering the Armor Wars down the line, he also manages to screw over the Mandarin and lives to talk about it.

Ghost on the other hand would be a really mysterious character who would have two other people handle the voice over, one male and one female. Ghost can't have too much characterization other than agreeing with Zeke's plan since s/he is meant to be mysterious.

And having been driven to homelessness, Tony is now a wandering drunk without any motivation who crashes with War Machine which is where he kicks the habit and vows to go sober, but not after he creates a suit of armor while wasted which includes the infamous "iron nose" and then immediately malfunctions, which is when Tony listens to Rhodey about his drinking problem, namely, he admits to having one.

By the end of the film, Tony hacks Zeke's armor to wire him all the money he stole which he uses to found a new company called Resiliant and even buy back Stark Tower. That and Ghost ends up in prison so it's not entirely a downer, Tony wins more than he loses but Mandarin is still a shadowy presence and Zeke did manage to get his revenge which leads to a ton of copycat Iron Man armors on the market like Firebrand, Mauler, Sasha Hammer, Sunturion, Titanium Man, Spymaster and Madame Masque all having the potential to appear alongside Blizzard getting his own suit of armor.

Keep in mind that what I'd like to see for Part 5 is Mandarin stepping into the spotlight with Ultimo being under his control.

Part six is the full armor wars saga packed to the brim with villains.

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