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Default Re: The Superman suit Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Super Kal View Post
since when does dark mean style?... if you want that, go watch a Batman movie... this isn't batman.

i happen to think the brighter colors make him stand out better- plus, Superman is supposed to stand out, to be larger than life.
Well, then too bad for you, because you wonīt get your brighter colors. Like me, Zack Snyder thinks darker colors look cooler in this particular universe, so there will be no bright colors in Supermanīs costume. This is not a comic book and weīre not in 1978.

The colors used in MOS are perfect for that universe. Imagine him walking around dresssed in vibrant red and blue. He would look like a clown. In comics Superman uses bright colors, but the universe that surrounds him is also bright. Everything is colorful, because it is a comic book. In comics everything stands out way too much, even Batman costumes. Itīs one characteristic of that medium. Everything is exaggerated. But this is a movie, and i want something that looks real.

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