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Default Re: The Superman suit Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Super Kal View Post
FYI, the suit is going to be tweaked... for all we know, the colors will be tweaked, or the overall design may tweaked, we dont know- so take a chill pill. for all we know, he actually may be changing the color scheme for the next film since Batman is going to be a part of it. it would be silly and foolish to have two characters, one inspired by hope and another inspired by fear, have dark costumes... it doesnt make sense. hope is not a darkly lit concept... it's a bright, light-filled concept. that way, it makes them easier to contrast one another

by the way, Superman is a comic book character, so a colorful costume is pretty much a must... second, that is NOTHING like the Donner suit colors. the Donner suit had a cyan blue, neon red, and a light mustard yellow. the manip i made was nothing like that.
Are you sure they said the colors will be tweaked?

Even if that´s the case, don´t expect bright colors. If Snyder wanted to represent hope through colors he would have done it right in the first movie. He specifically said he prefers the darker blue, so i´m not seeing him going against something that he prefers just to please the members of this forum. He is the director, so he is going to do things his way.

You can say it makes no sense all you want, but nobody gives a damn about that besides a very small minority. People wanna see something that looks good, and that´s all. Plus, in this movie the colors of the suit have no philosophical value that we know of, so the principles that you were talking about don´t apply in this case.

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