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Default Re: The Superman suit Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kato View Post
The colors used in MOS are perfect for that universe. Imagine him walking around dresssed in vibrant red and blue. He would look like a clown. In comics Superman uses bright colors, but the universe that surrounds him is also bright. Everything is colorful, because it is a comic book. In comics everything stands out way too much, even Batman costumes. It´s one characteristic of that medium. Everything is exaggerated. But this is a movie, and i want something that looks real.
even in the real world, there are bright colors... you go outside, you will see variances of green, blue, yellow, and such. even look at the clothes that people wear outside- some of the clothes that we call "normal" are ridiculously bright, so one can't necessarily use the "comics are bright so everything has to be bright" perspective. we have examples of today's fashion using colors just as bright, if not brighter, than what we see in comics.

i wouldnt mind something real either, but to say that "bright is unrealistic" is a contradiction, because of today's fashion statement. the main reason that Superman is a brightly colored individual is because of the principles he stands for. there's a reason Batman looks the way he does, and the same goes for Superman. a brighter color tone can word for Superman... no, i dont think Donner bright will cut it anymore, but a brighter tone than what we had in MOS is doable. when that Hardees/Carl's Jr commercial came out, i personally think they had the suit dead spot on IMO... if you compare my last manip to the shots of Supes in that commercial, it's literally the same color tones that i used, just in a slightly desaturated hue

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