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Default Re: X-Men: Apocalypse coming in 2016!

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Whatever. We've had 7 X-Men films, with an 8th being made right after this one. Magneto has been the central villain twice (X1,3). This exaggeration that we keep using the same villains is ridiculous.
Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
X-Men (2000)-Magneto is the main villain.
X2-Magneto is an anti-hero, William Stryker is the main villain.
X3-Magneto is the main villain.
XMOW-Magneto doesn't appear at all.
XMFC-Magneto is the co-protagonist until the very end.
TW-Magneto only makes a cameo.
XMDOFP-Trask/Sentinels are the main villain(s).

Two out of Seven-not bad.

I don't count the Wolverine films. Why would Magneto be the main villain in a Wolverine film?

Is it really that ridiculous? When he's not the major villain he's still one of the main characters in every X-team film. Doesn't happen in the comics and the result is that it's a huge and anticipated event every time he returns.

And in an aside, in X2 he tried to kill the whole human race! Given the numbers involved that makes him a pretty huge villain not just an anti hero, and at least as much of a villain as Stryker, even if there is no clue that he will do this earlier on. Even in X1 as primary villain what he was doing was nowhere near as villainous ..trying to change world leaders into mutants not knowing that his machine harmed humans.

So a major villain in all 3 of the films in the original trilogy. FC is more a Magneto (& Xavier) story - the sympathetic origin story of a great villain - than a Shaw story. He finishes as the lead villain recruiting everyone else and tried to nuke all those humans. DOFP hasn't happened yet but we'll of course have 2 Magnetos starring in that as well. So 2/7 main villain shows to you...6/5 major appearances to me. Magneto is by far my favourite X-villain and I love both film versions of him. But X-Men has much more to offer. It's like The Joker in Arkham games or Wolverine in X-films (but at least he's an X-Man rather than villain). They're everyone's favourites but as a result featured even more than they should. I also love film Loki but if he turned up in Avengers 2, even as a goodie, I'd be like 'Enough!'.

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