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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

I've been wanting to see a movie about Logan hunting down a group of dudes that abduct and kill mutant children. That has the potential to be pretty dark and disturbing. There could even be room for well-known characters-- who knows? Dead kids tend to chip away at your soul, and Logan's struggle to hold onto his humanity is a key character trait. What if he fails to protect a specific kid and loses it, finally falling into a true berserker rage at the end? I dunno, I just feel like it could be thematically strong and character-driven. Depending on where it falls in his lifetime, this could be Logan at his lowest, using this case as a way to give himself some sort of purpose-- and when that fails, all hell breaks loose, and he loses himself.

I've always wanted a faithful Weapon X movie, but the next best thing is something that could be a spiritual lead-in to the self-destructive and fractured state of mind he has in that story.

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