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Dry Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I was listening to the podcast "a podcast and a movie" the other day and he made on hell of a spot on observation. Today people want to be smarter than the material and won't allow themselves to fully enjoy something as it is. Thought that was a damning verdict on people today, a lot of people have forgotten how to simply enjoy a film.
It's astonishing what some of you will try to tell yourselves to discredit others. That is such an arrogant and dismissive thing to say about a group of people, and most likely for no other reason than a difference of opinion. There's nothing at all spot on about that observation, nor is there of your conclusion. On what basis can you possibly say that people have forgotten how to enjoy a movie? Because they didn't gush about it as you have? Why should someone enjoy something if the content and execution isn't actually enjoyable to them? Please, put your money where your mouth is and give some conclusive examples to support such a broad, sweeping generalization, because I'm not seeing it. Try telling the folks who loved The Lego Movie that they forgot how to enjoy a movie, or the ones who didn't like Need for Speed that they're just being pedantic.

This reeks of yet another veiled attempt at saying "I just can't accept that some people didn't love MoS as much as I did". For as much as some of you want people to understand how great this movie is, you sure do have trouble empathizing with valid, contrarian opinions. There just has to be some sort of underlying contrivance for people's disapproval; heaven forbid that normal folks simply didn't take a liking to it for their own reasons.

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