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Default Re: Official CYCLOPS Discussion Thread - Part 1

I love the new direction with Cyclops, not because I enjoy seeing his fall, but because it seems to be a rather logical end. X-Men has been THE only consistent line coming from Marvel. Ever since The House of M, Marvel has really taken those consequences to their logical end with the Messiah Complex and Avengers vs. X-Men.

Cyclops has become something he used to hate, but we have had the privilege of awesome story telling showing us how Cyclops went from this Xavier-like idealist to this Magneto-esque pragmatist. To Cyclops, the situation is no longer about the dream of a peaceful co-existence, but instead it is about the preservation of his people, an endangered species. Cyclops has become a radical and a revolutionary because all of his struggles have made him weary and a pessimist. It's great writing and I love the fact that this entire moment in X-Men history is culled from an event from a decade ago.

I'm all about the new Uncanny X-Men and a Cyclops teamed with Emma, both having the sort of school for mutants they would wish to have. It's almost like a redemption for Frost after she lost her school. Just epic, epic stuff.

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I'm sorry you didn't get your skinny, pale little Irish girl holding a hoe.
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