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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

I think Marvels choices for directors are quite surprising... but then in hindsight you realise they are pretty spot on.

For example Kenneth Branaugh isn't a guy you'd imagine to do big budget blockbusters. But really, the guy has Shakespearian roots, who else for Thor? Jon Favreau, a guy known for Elf and Swingers was a surprise choice for Iron Man. James Gunn a guy whose done films like Super directing a 200 million dollar space opera? Strange choice at first, but then you realise a guy with a quirky and unusual style would be perfect for the GotG. The Russos for Captain America? What the hell? haha. Edgar Wright for Ant-Man? I can't wait to find out who they choose for Dr Strange!

Marvel does make some surprising but inspired choices for their directors. You can say the same for the actors. Casting Evans who was mainly known for cocky and comedic roles for Captain America had many scratching their heads. But in the end, I think he nails his character more than any of the others, including RDJs Stark.

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