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Default What if Thanos isn't the villain in Avengers 3?

It seems like we've all been assuming Thanos will be the main villain of Avengers 3, but what if that's not actually the case? Maybe Marvel will do sort of a "super-crossover" after Avengers 3 simply titled The Infinity Gauntlet. And it could be a crossover between the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and any other teams we might have by the end of Phase Three (Inhumans?).

If they could balance ALL those characters well enough in a single movie, it'd be quite the blockbusting, cinematic experience. Plus it would be less expected, and it would free up Avengers 3 for another villain or storyline that we might want to see. Assuming it's a possibility, what non-Thanos villain do you think could cap off an Avengers trilogy?

Just a thought, though perhaps an unrealistic one...

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