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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Yeah the fight wasnt 20 mins long, and it at least had consequences and its why the Superman killing Zod scene is so shocking and clever. Its clearly against what Superman believes in, but once Zod said he would never stop Superman knew then he wasnt going to beat him into submission and the only option was kill him, something that tore Superman apart inside, you can even see him wrestling with it before he actually kills Zod.

If even a fraction of those stakes was given to the final battle of TDW it would have been much better. The TDW battle is just boring though because there are no stakes.

Then you are reading different comics than me. I have read a few Thor ones and didnt see any jokes during the big battles. And no other comic I have read I can recall doing it either.

See my post above, after realising Superman couldnt beat Zod into submission, he had to kill him. If TDW would have had the stakes and seriousness nature of the MOS it would have been much better IMO.
Man I could write an essay on why Man of Steel failed to do all the things you just stated but others (including Mark Waid writer of Superman Birthright) have already done so.

As far as Thor the comic - I don't know what you've read but I've read Thor starting with Journey Into Mystery 83 and throughout its history it has been loaded with humor and even just older comics in general. I'd have to dig through my collection to find examples but there's a lot of goofy but fun stuff. A lot of newer comics are filled with fake pathos and orangey palettes and nonsense and honestly comics have come a long way from being for all ages which is why the industry has suffered. But that's another discussion and I don't want to come across as an old codger. There is also a lot of awesome new stuff as well. (I really enjoy guys like Straczynski, Hickman and Brubaker etc. so I don't want you to think I'm stuck in the past.)

Listen fellas no one's putting a gun to your head saying you have to like this movie. But if you are going to trash it, don't expect everyone to agree with you. Thor is a character with limited appeal (it was never a hot seller like Spidey or X-Men or Batman) but Thor 2 is Marvel Studios' third highest grossing film behind Avengers and Iron Man 3 and other than Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Superman is the only solo comic character to crack half a billion. It did this in November. Pretty impressive. What that means is there are a lot of people who liked the film and liked the characterization and liked the humor.

Personally I loved the film. It is my second favorite Marvel film from any studio and third favorite CBM. Reviews I know were somewhat middling and I'm under no illusions that everyone feels the same as I do. I'm fine with the criticisms though and I hope if Marvel's listening they will make Thor 3 blow this one out of the water.

What bothers me is people expecting to everything be like their definition of what they think a good film is. If you prefer the tone of films like Man of Steel knock yourself out. DC is making more movies. A friend of mine really liked Thor but complained about some of the humor at the end. He went and highly recommended Flashpoint Paradox. I watched that and thought it sucked. I saw Wonder Woman kill a child and was revolted. If that's the direction DC is going then I have no interest. But then again maybe I'm not their customer.

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