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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME.

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
A lot of the posters there seem to feed Michael Bay's ego a tad too much, what made the most anxious was when on of the most loyal there was mentioning how a Birds remake was a good thing and even The Godfather will eventually be remade.

I understand not needing to have trolls in there, but the posters seem a little too protected when it comes to their views, it's usually very one sided towards Bay's films. I like his films too, but they do have a lot of flaws, i wouldn't call them all good, though in those forums i expected there to be more talk about how certain scenes on film were done. The technical stuff, where i think Bay shines.
It's a fan forum, not the national post.
Fans should have a place to go where they know they can encounter 'like minded' others. There are plenty of other places they can go to get everything else. However let's face it some of these other places are breeding grounds for focused trolling negativity. Those talk backs for example. The way the internet and social tendencies work, things get contagious and 'cool' to do, and non productive. I get why they protect that place. Everyone knows there are other places to go if that's what they want. I personally prefer this place. No need for the 'fan site' to allow non fans. I'd say the same for a twilight forums. The fans should have their place.

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