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Default Re: What are your complaints? What would you do differently? *SPOILERS* - Part 1

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
I always see people say this, and I just don't fully agree. I think people have always been critical of movies. The only thing the internet has done, is given those people easier access to voice their opinions to a larger forum, instead of just talking to their friends/coworkers.

The internet didn't make people more critical, just easier to hear.
However, even with all the criticism that is now so much easier to voice, they still continue to make movies like Pompeii, and Need for Speed, Getaway, Grown Ups, Ride Along, etc. and even then people still go see them. I wish that when people were making movies they put more effort into it, and not just try to make money, but try to make long lasting art as well that is critically well received. I know they "try" but it seems like they half-try. When they were making Pain and Gain for example, didn't they know it was turning out pretty bad as they were filming? It seems like very few people are out there trying to make the next Citizen Kane, Godfather, Gone With the Wind, etc.

Another thing I think that is really weird is that you see fans and critics disagree a great deal on a huge amount of movies, for example, Ride Along was at something like 25% Fresh and Audiences were at something like 85% Fresh. I don't know if people just want to believe that the movie they spent money to see at a movie theater was funny and don't want to feel like they wasted their hard earned money and trick themselves into saying they did like it. They want to be part of the winning team and no have to admit they got played and paid to watch a bad movie.

Or if they are talking, looking around, eating popcorn, etc. and are just not fully engaged in the film and just use the movie as a background noise to the actual movie-going experience. For example, if you watch Godfather, you can't be talking to your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, etc. and worried about passing popcorn and soda and all this other nonsense because you will miss very critical points of the movie. Maybe with dumb movies they can miss more and then laugh at a few dumb jokes (which they would probably not laugh at at home after a second viewing) and that makes them think that they saw a good movie and didn't waste their money.

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