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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
That's strange. Both STM and Kane are still great movies.
Superman the Movie and Citizen Kane are good movies. Are they genre leading classics like many claim? I dont think so.

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
I think if MOS got TDK level praise, you wouldnt say "I dont care about those guys", nor would you be complaining about STM being put on a pedestal.

And its hypocritical to complain about classic films being put on a underserved pedestal when you have referred to MOS as "the godfather of CBMs".
James Cameron said Gravity is the greatest space movie ever, (essentially the Godfather of space movies), ahead of 2001, ahead of Aliens, ahead of Star Wars etc. Do you agree with him or is he hypocritical?

Again, I like Superman the Movie, it would likely make my top 10 comic book movies of all time list, I just feel some aspects of the film havent aged well at all, preventing it from being considered the greatest.

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