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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: X22

Real Name: Afya Kinney

Gender: Female

Age: Her real age is Unknown but she looks 19/20

Origins: HYDRA Facility

Race: Mutant. Clone of Wolverine. Australian

Height: Same height as X23

Hair Colour: Bright red (like the actress who plays Yukio in the second wolverine movie)

Eye Colour: Same as X23

Weight: Unknown

Family: Laura Kinney(twin sister), Storm (Mother-like figure), Agent Colson (father-like figure)

Power: As she is a clone of Wolverine she has 3 claws on her hands and all his powers but also controls and manipulates shadows/darkness and she is half cat, she can also transform into any feline

Bio/Personality: X22 is the identical twin sister of X23 but she has bright red waist length hair. The colour of her hair is due to her ability to control fire. She has a fiery temper and little patience. She has been abused and mistreated ever since she was in HYDRA and has trouble trusting anyone other than Wolverine and her twin sister. Despite the fact that HYDRA and Sabertooth still hunt her down, X22 remains at the Academy. X22 although she doesn't know why but finds herself wanting to grow closer to Wolverine and soon finds that she had a major crush on him. But he also has a crush on her so it works out. X22 is tough and smug. She also has a secret love for animals and loves cooking and baking along with drawing and creating her own comics. X22 is a total tomboy and loves to play video games and use weapons. She is skilled with various swords and guns

Teacher: Wolverine-training,
Professor X-Knowledge and Recoveryjng and coping with memories

Costime: Black fingerless leather gloves, sleeveless black and red top with X on the front and black jeans with black biker boots

Outfit: Kinda like Laura's in the comics

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