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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by far2bowen View Post
Knowing Whedon and his penchant for misdirection, I wouldn't be surprised if the film opens with Hulk "rampaging" in South America, Tony shows up in the Hulkbuster armor, they fight or scrap or whatever, and it turns out that Banner is in control and Tony has asked his help in "testing" his new suit idea.
That wouldn't be too bad if not too long a scene.. Although maybe not as epic as a full on hijacked Hulkbuster trying and failing to take out the Hulk. Or maybe some of the other Avengers coming in to help out Hulk. (can't use the word "save" when it comes to Hulk lol).
Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
So are we going to get some kind of scene with Banner/Stark playing science bro's and they come up with the Hulkbuster suit as some kind of fail-safe in case what happened in The Avengers ever happens again?
Yeah, that makes sense.

Originally Posted by xrs13 View Post
If it is concept art then they would give him white hair in it because its concept art. I seriously doubt they are going with it. Hi btw haha. I thought I would wander over here and check out the Avengers forum. I am looking forward to seeing both quicksilvers and I am looking forward to seeing SW. I hope I dont get shot for liking Singer and fox and the X-films :S

SW's costume is interesting, on one hand I think she is a girl who isnt a superhero yet and so I get not having a costume. Same for FOX's Quicksilver. But then I look at Marvels quicksilver and he is sortof in an all blue costume so I dunno how I feel about them not having both of them at least be similar in that sense. I am also on the I want white hair bandwagon. I want FOX to make theirs whiter and less silver and I want Marvel to make it white. But even ATJ said if they dont see the need they wont.
You'll be fine here as long as you can cope with the Quicksilver comparison jokes!

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