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Default Re: The Director of THOR 3

Originally Posted by Hammer! View Post
Agreed on Branagh. I don't think he's coming back though, as he could have easily directed Thor 2 but seemed content moving on to Jack Ryan. His main reason for not coming back was the short re-load time between 1 and 2, yet Ryan came out only two months after TDW. Sounds like he's done with the franchise.
I believe he was in pre-production on Ryan when Thor 2 was announced though? I may be remembering wrong though. I really hoped he would return to the franchise someday but it seems he is done with it. Shame, I loved Thor, my favourite solo movie so far.

Originally Posted by Hammer! View Post
I wouldn't mind seeing Taylor back since most of the problems I had with TDW had to do with editing and the feeling of too many cooks in the kitchen working on the script. Probably would prefer someone new at the helm, however.
I wouldnt mind Taylor coming back either as long as they gave him more freedom, it seems Marvel were intent in meddling with Thor 2 from the start and the movie ended up being such a disappointment to me. Taylor is busy with the new Terminator movie now though and if that is successful I think they will move straight onto a sequel.

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